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Ramaroa by Omega Kapiti - Omega Windows & Doors
Ramaroa by Omega Kapiti

Ramaroa, the new heritage centre at Queen Elizabeth Park, is a stunning nod to the history of the site - reflecting the rich Maori heritage and use by US Marines in WW2.

Initially designed to be large-span, single-glazed commercial joinery, Omega took the opportunity to use high performance thermally-broken joinery so the building not only looks good but withstands the demanding weather conditions.

The sliding panels each measure 3 metres in height and 1.6 metres in width. In this case 3 stacking panels sliding in a rebated frame provide an opening of approximately 4.7 metres width, with 3 sliding panels opening over a fixed light.

At either end of the large scale sliding assemblies the team seamlessly coupled a hinged door and vent sash. Some of the fixed window installations within the building were sill tray installed as the walls were leaning in toward the centre of the building.

Internal linings were receipted directly into the backs of the window frames.

This project also received the first thermal commercial installation in NZ of Omega Thermally Broken Shop-front.

It was a very complicated installation due to sloping and raked frames that came together very well thanks to a great builder and fabricator relationship.

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