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Explore the Architectural Series of Thermally Broken Doors, designed to make a statement in your home.

Discover the OMEGA® range of innovative, high-quality bi-fold and hinged doors for your home. Featuring our thermal break, our architecturally designed doors offer aesthetics and energy efficiency to your home. 

Architectural Bi-Fold & Hinged Doors

Thermally Broken Architectural bi-fold & Hinged Doors Features: 

  • Narrow sight lines for bi-fold stiles ensure relatively unobstructed views without compromising strength
  • High performance design allowing panels up to 2.7m spans
  • 56mm stile with heavy wall thickness to provide substantial strength in a narrow stile width
  • Heavy duty cast aluminium hinges to provide durability and strength

Architectural Sliding & Stacker Doors

Thermally Broken Architectural Sliding & Stacking Doors Features: 

  • Cycle tested to over 35,000 operations
  • Designed for strength without compromising on an aesthetic and appealing finish 
Thermally Broken Architectural Doors
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