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Advanced Thermal Product Performance

Windows and doors play a crucial role in the heat transfer of insulated buildings, often accounting for the most significant loss or gain of heat than any other component. 

With our thermal break, we significantly reduce heat transfer from the interior to the exterior of the building. This means homes with OMEGA® thermally broken joinery are more energy-efficient compared to those fitted with standard aluminium joinery.

Our thermally broken joinery is specifically designed to minimise the bi-metallic effect* prevalent in other products. This technology functions by interrupting heat flow through the strategic use of a specialised material known as polyamide, which effectively thermally isolates the internal structure of the window frame. 

Polyamide performs significantly better in resisting heat transfer when compared to aluminium, serving as a barrier between indoor comfort and outdoor temperatures.

Thermally Broken Joinery Performance Model:

811 Slider Therm v2

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