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400 Series Architectural Suite

Getting the level of comfort and a healthy environment that suits your lifestyle is what really matters. OMEGA® 400 Series Architectural Thermal Suite combines the importance of environmental sustainability with improved thermal performance.

Add the finishing touches to your home with the OMEGA® 400 Series Architectural Thermal Suite.

The OMEGA® 400 Series Architectural Thermal Suite delivers great performance day after day. With the thermal break being on the outside causing an obstruction to the heat or cold escaping or entering your home, meaning higher thermal performance and reducing the cost of heating and cooling.

The OMEGA® 400 Series Architectural Thermal Suite means you can look after your family today and generations to come. It really is that simple. Combining advanced European design with New Zealand’s most environmentally friendly aluminium, OMEGA® aluminium joinery lets you get the stylish home you want which is not only environmentally sustainable but also healthy for your family.

How does it work?

The traditional idea of a “barrier” that keeps the warmth in and the cold out isn’t new. In a home the most common barrier is insulation. In windows and doors it’s called a thermal break and just like insulation, it stops heat from escaping or cold from entering your home.

400 Series Architectural Thermal Suite Features: 

  • Standard 90º / 135º and variable angle mullion options for enhanced flexibility in design.
  • Maximum mullion spans of over 3m.
  • Choose between stepped or flat face frame options. 
  • Seamlessly integrate sliding doors with our sight line adaptor.
  • Accommodate double-glazed units with a maximum thickness of 34mm. 

400 Series Architectural Awning & Casement Windows Features:

  • 52mm platform with a contemporary appearance that provides substantial opening sash strength allowing large sash capability.
  • Framing options to provide cost-effective installation for smaller windows. Flanged frame option available.

400 Architectural Sliding & Stacker Doors Features: 

  • Cycle tested to over 35,000 operations
  • Designed for strength without compromising on an aesthetic and appealing finish

400 Architectural Bi-Fold & Hinged Doors Features: 

  • Narrow site lines for bi-fold stiles ensure relatively unobstructed views without compromising strength
  • High performance design allowing panels up to 2.7m spans
  • 56mm stile with heavy wall thickness to provide substantial strength in a narrow stile width
  • Heavy duty cast aluminium hinges to provide durability and strength
400 Series Architectural Suite

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