Replacement Windows

Why Retrofit?

  • Cost effective way to transform your home and comfort without total replacement of your joinery
  • Installation options to suit your existing joinery
  • Modernising the look for your home.


Standard Retrofit

Retrofit Double Glazing provides a warmer, drier and quieter environment for the interior of your home.

There are long term savings and other health benefits given the proper insulation of your home.

Your existing aluminium joinery is retained and the beads and glass is replaced. This replacement process will incorporate new sashes, stays and handles, effectively giving your old joinery long overdue maintenance and making it feel like new again.

You can also specify the use of laminate glass in the glazing unit to virtually eliminate UV rays from entering your home, this also has additional acoustic benefits.


Thermal Retrofit


Thermal Retrofit was designed to replace timber sashes and single glazing in New Zealand’s aging housing stock.

OMEGA Thermal Retro-fit is an industry first, bringing the modern benefits of thermally broken aluminium joinery into the replacement window market.

Our thermal sash is bracket fixed and not screw fixed for superior construction, this is the standard in sash construction in Europe for long lasting performance.

OMEGA also designed the sash to allow its retro-fitment into standard aluminium joinery and allow a 22mm glazing unit.

OMEGA Thermal Retrofit is the market leader in thermal rating for a residential replacement window. When used in conjunction with a Low E glass double glazing unit with a warm edge spacer you couldn’t find a better solution for your homes replacement windows.


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