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300 Series Residential Suite (Non-Thermally Broken)

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Experience affordability without compromising on style and performance with the OMEGA® 300 Series Residential Suite.

The OMEGA® 300 Series Residential Suite, with standard configuration, provides exceptional quality, style and, affordability for your home.

Tested to meet the rigorous performance standards of NZS4211, the OMEGA® Residential 300 Series ensures reliability and durability, meeting or exceeding the Very High wind zone rating.

With a comprehensive selection of aluminium windows and doors, including awning and casement windows, as well as bi-fold, hinged, French, sliding, and stacking doors, the 300 Series offers versatility for your space.

300 Series Residential Suite Features: 

  • Multiple frame options to cover different install requirements/preferences
  • Standard 90º / 135º and variable angle mullion available
  • 301 Replacement Window has a wide frame to cover existing mullion cut-outs
  • Can be installed fully glazed
  • Single and double glazed options
  • 20mm & 35mm flange extender options
  • Max IGU thickness of 24mm

300 Series Residential Awning & Casement Windows Features:

  • Bevelled beads and sashes for a robust appearance
  • Three sash options: pocket glazed single and double glazed sashes and beaded sash
  • Aluminium liners for a highly durable finish for wet areas
  • Clean awning platform with no deep traps for silt buildup
  • Sloped condensation channel to aid the drainage of any moisture (for standard configurations)
  • Strong back mullions for zero awning frame projections and a clean exterior
  • OMEGA® sash fastener handles, venting and low profile available
  • Proprietary high performance condensation drainage

300 Series Residential Sliding & Stacker Door Features:

  • Featuring proprietary components which manage seal compression, protecting against strong weather conditions
  • Exceeds the Very High Wind Zone performance requirements of NZS4211:2008
  • ‘No trip’ feature – floor finishes internally and externally can be at the same level
  • Sliding track provides a sump below track level to conceal silt or debris that may accumulate
  • The Polyamide track system – By introducing this track element we have avoided the issue other suppliers have with surface finishing failing through excess load and wear
  • Track system which has been tested with a panel in excess of 300kg with our stainless steel sliding door roller
  • OMEGA conducted door cycle testing (open and close operations) over 35,000 operations which equates to over 140km

300 Series Residential Hinged & French Door Features:

  • OMEGA®'s strip drive multi-point locking systems provide a rattle-free locking system
  • Adjustable door bracing system, anti-drop components.
  • OMEGA®'s stainless steel hinged door strike plates with concealed fixings.
  • Highly durable cast stainless steel lock connection, locking tip and lock tip strike
  • Door rail option available with a rebate for automatic smoke-stop seal. Can be utilised with 3 sided frames to provide draught control without a sill frame member

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