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800 Series Residential Thermal Suite


The OMEGA® Residential 800 Series Residential Thermal Suite offers high quality, style, affordability and, unique Thermal Breaking technology. 

800 Series Thermally Broken Residential Suite Features: 

  • Beaded and captive sash available.
  • Thermal replacement frame with wide and narrow interior options.
  • Single and stacker door configurations including bi-parting options.
  • Mortise or surface mount locks available.
  • External slider option available, tested to extra high wind zone.
  • Hinged doors have adjustable strikes with no machining required.
  • Flush bolts surface mounted, no machining required.
  • Max IGU thickness of 29mm.

800 Series Thermally Broken Awning & Casement Windows Features:

  • Awning and casement windows offer an efficient design, making them the perfect addition to New Zealand homes with the ever-changing weather conditions.
  • Designed to open outward from the bottom, Awning windows allow efficient air circulation while still protecting from the elements.
  • Our casement windows are designed to open outward from the left or right.
  • Built to endure the elements while maintaining a sleek aesthetic, both casement and awning windows excel at maximising natural light and ventilation.

800 Series Thermally Broken Sliding & Stacker Doors Features: 

  • Polyamide track system which has been tested with a panel over 300kg with our stainless steel sliding door roller.
  • OMEGA® conducted door cycle testing (open and close operations) over 35,000 operations which equates to over 140km.

800 Series Thermally Broken Bi-fold & Hinged Doors Features:

  • OMEGA®'s strip drive multi-point locking systems provide a rattle-free locking system.
  • Adjustable door bracing system, anti-drop components.
  • OMEGA®'s proprietary adjustable strike plates.
  • Highly durable cast stainless steel lock connection, locking tip and lock tip strike.
800 Series Residential

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