Building Product Information Requirements

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Building Product Information Requirements

OMEGA has put together a series of documents that satisfy the requirements of the new Building Code regulations.

Explore OMEGA®’s series of documents that meet the requirements of the latest Building Code regulations. 

All OMEGA® systems are classified as a Class 2: customisable type product.

These documents cover:

  • Intended use of the product.
  • Basic company information, including contact details of the manufacturer.
  • Relevant Building Code clauses that our product must comply with.
  • Statement on how the building product is expected to contribute to compliance.
  • Scope of use and limitations.
  • Design requirements that would support the use of the building product.
  • Installation requirements.
  • Warranty and maintenance requirements.

Download our Building Product Information Requirement Document Templates for Fabricators:

See OMEGA's Building Product Information Requirement Documents:

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