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The colour of your windows and doors is very important. With OMEGA Thermal products you have the option of dual colour window and door framing. What does this mean? You could have one colour on the outside of your house matching your exterior finish and another inside your house complementing your interior décor. Choose any dual colour combination from our wide range of colours or combine powder coating and anodising. Alternatively OMEGA can offer alternative supplementary colours to meet your needs. Individualise your colour selection by choosing standard, non-standard or even wood grain powder coat finish.


Download: Omega Colour Chart Brochure



The OMEGA powder coating plant is a modern plant that utilises sophisticated automated controls and sensors to achieve the most efficient pre-treatment, powder application and baking conditions required to form a tough and durable finish.

The extrusions are constantly tested to the requirements of recognised powder coating standards; such as AS:3715 and WANZ specifications. In addition, the OMEGA powder coating plant is Endurocolour compliant; Endurocolour is the Powder Coating Quality Assurance Standard (PQAS) for New Zealand. It is an industry standard designed by WANZ specifically for NZ conditions. You can be reassured that powder coating applied by an Endurocolour registered applicator is a quality and lasting finish. For your added confidence our powder suppliers regularly audit our powder coating plant to ensure that we meet strict quality control guidelines.



Anodising is an alternative to Powder Coating. It is a durable and hard wearing finish offering maximum protection in harsh environments. A range of colours and micron 12.5 – 25um) finishes are offered to ensure you achieve the desired look.

Our niche anodised finishes uses a process of acid etching to give you a more uniform matt look to all visible aluminium surfaces.



  • Provides a premium matt finish
  • Reduces die lines
  • Smooths surface defects
  • Environmentally friendlier than regular anodising process
  • Available in Natural, Bronze and Black finishes

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